Bio-Mimetic Organic Skincare: Estime & Sens Explained

Dear Therapist, 

This letter is especially for you.

Let me ask you a question:

What is your perception of organic skincare?

My guess is that like me (a skin specialist for over 25 years), you probably think that it smells pretty but doesn't achieve a great deal. You probably believe its ineffective in tackling today's client concerns and demands, and mostly you'd be correct.

However, just like retinol serums are not all equal, neither is organic skincare.

Not all organic skincare is equal

Estime & Sens has blown my mind. It is shaking up the industry and leading the way in expert formulations and pioneering organic cosmeceuticals.

I have been able to treat compromised skin barriers, acne, rosacea, pigmentation and lines and wrinkles with a brand that contains no synthetics ingredients or perfumes, no petroleum derivatives, no mineral oils or silicones, in fact, no artifical ingredients at all. It is clean, healthy and good for the skin and wellbeing.

What is biomimetic skincare?

Our skin is very clever. It knows what it needs and what is good for it (that's why we choose to avoid synthetic ingredients but more about that later).

Every day, our skin faces a multitude of challenges. From environmental factors to temperature fluctuations, pollution, stress, fatigue and poor skincare choices, all can affect the quality of our skin. It often leads to blemishes, dehydration and discomfort, highlighting the need for proper care and nourishment.

Imagine this–by replicating the skin's composition and mimicking its innate protective barrier, we can unlock unparalleled benefits for the skin. This innovative approach is known as biomimicry and E&S has perfected biomimetic skincare. They have captured the best in nature and created the ultimate 100% natural and certified organic skincare.

Biomimetic skincare utilises ingredients that are inherent to the skin, including water, lipids, proteins, sugars, and mineral salts. This 'recognition' and alignment with your skin ensures that it effortlessly absorbs these beneficial products, knowing exactly how to utilise their ingredients to restore and fortify its natural barrier, resulting in healthy, balanced, and happy skin.

What's the problem with synthetics?

The power of a mimetic formula goes beyond that of a traditional formula. Synthetics, like silicones, are not recognised by the skin, and can clog the pores. If they're not recognised by the skin, how does the skin utilise them?

The manufacturing processes for petroleum is raising concerns for both human health and the environment. Dyes and perfumes can cause irritations that many people to live with unaware that their synthetic skincare is the cause of their 'sensitive skin'.

People apply synthetic, potentially harmful ingredients to their skin everyday and wonder why it's not happy.

Healthy natural or questionable synthetics?

Understanding the differences between E&S biomimetic skincare and other skincare brands has hopefully helped you in your decision making when looking for a new brand for your salon or spa. Not only is Estime & Sens looking after the skin's health, but it's also planet friendly too.

  • Biomimetic, expert formulations
  • Cosmebio Certified Organic
  • Eco-Friendly formulations and packaging
  • Locally sourced ingredients and packaging
  • Recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free

Wouldn't you prefer to offer your clients a healthy, effective solution to their problems?

Thanks for listening,

Misia xx