Cosmebio Label: Achieving Organic Excellence

The Cosmébio Label is a technical and ethical mark of trust and is the ultimate reference for real organic cosmetics.

It was created to help guide and inform consumers towards real organic cosmetics by the most committed brands. It's the ultimate reference for health and environmentally conscious consumers wanting to make the right choices for their health. 

Deciphering product labels

Ingredients lists are difficult to decipher at the best of times and more often than not we apply products to our faces and bodies without understanding the true implications of some of the ingredients and their potential impact on our health. When you consider the amount of products we use per day, that potential toxic load is quite worrying. That's why we chose to specialise in organic and low-tox beauty.

True organic products cannot contain questionable ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, parafins, petrochemicals, PEG and phenoxyethanols, helping you and your skin stay healthy. 

The Cosmébio label guarantees which cosmetic products you can trust to be truly natural and organic. But thats not all...

In order for a brand to use a Cosmébio label on its product's packaging, the brand must follow certain stringent conditions in regards to the composition of its ingredients. This can be time consuming and very expensive to achieve so only the most committed brands will follow through.

We're so very proud to represent Estime & Sens in the UK.

For us, a brand who has achieved the cosmébio label is truly passionate about their brand, respectful of the consumer and committed to the environment, so we're very proud to represent Estime & Sens here in the UK.

The Cosmébio label makes it possible to distinguish at a glance which cosmetics are truly natural or organic. This label is based on demanding specifications and a charter of ethical values. An inspection by an independent certifier is mandatory every year to check the conformity of the products.

Cosmebio label on Estime & Sens Products

The Cosmébio organisation's definition of organic cosmetics is based on 3 key values:

  • a large quantity of ingredients of natural origin in the formula
  • a deep respect for the environment
  • a strong social commitment 
 The Cosmébio label guarantees that the products are following these requirements. Today, Cosmébio is recognised by around 80% of organic cosmetics consumers. 
Do you know what you're putting on your skin?