Estime & Sens: 13 Reasons Why You'll Fall In Love

Who are Estime & Sens?

Born out of passion by someone who understands and respects the skin

Estime & Sens was founded by French Aesthetician, Yann Maurel-Loré in 2009. He wanted to empower other aestheticians to provide genuinely bespoke skincare recommendations and treatments for their clients, away from the world of commercialism, marketing hype and overconsumption. Yann wants a world where clients buy what they know their skin needs and do away with overflowing bathroom cabinets full of half-used plastic encased products that don't live up to expectations. To this day, Estime & Sens remains a family owned business supporting local charities, with a percentage of profits donated to hospitals supporting woman living with cancer.

So how are Estime & Sens Changing Things?

Macro-nutrients for the skin

Yann carefully hand-picks locally sourced and sustainable plant extracts and oils that provide the skin with essential nutrients that harmoniously nourish your skin. You will find in no time at all that your skin finds its equilibrium, its good place, and feels more comfortable and supple than its ever felt.

Synergistic Blends

The Estime & Sens magic lies in the quality of their formulations. The best quality active plant ingredients are hand-picked and contain proven active ingredients at levels that target your skin concerns and bring about positive, tangible results. Yann is passionate that good quality should be affordable, enabling you to create a complete beauty routine that enhances your self-esteem.

Authenticity, Self-Esteem and Confidence

Yann believes that beauty goes far beyond appearance. He believes, as do we, that self-esteem and self-confidence are the key to beauty. Self-esteem begins with the little gestures, precious moments of self-care, rituals that encourage self-love every single day. And where better to start than your skin care?

Taking care of yourself and the world you live in

In order to take care of yourself and your environment, you must respect your health and wellbeing and that of the planet. Healthy, eco-friendly skincare is key.

Cosmebio Certified

Not a lot of people know about Cosmebio Certification, and when we've mentioned it to people we're often met with blank faces. It's not YET filtered through to the UK in any big shakes, but it's big in Europe. 

The Cosmebio label is a technical and ethical mark of trust. But rather than take our word for it, you can go to the trusted direct source

Recyclable, Recycled and Refillable

Refillable Pots.

Packaging is made from recycled plastic and paper wherever possible. We use light weight glass (that can be mistaken for light plastic) without being easily breakable and preventing wastage. Our graphic design is minimalist in order to save on ink and our suppliers are local, saving on carbon footprint. We don't claim to be perfect, but we're always striving to be better. Let us know what you think about our refillable jars!

Locally and sustainably sourced

Being fully aware of our choices, we're really proud to source our ingredients from local producers. Other brands claim to be sustainable but when you look into the origins of their ingredients, they've been shipped in from all over the world! We have no interest in disguising our carbon footprint, we keep resources local and sustainable. When we can't, we let you know about it.

Vegan & Not tested on animals

We don't believe in using any animal bi-products and nor do we believe in animal testing. We have chosen not to display 'free from cruelty' badges on our products because testing on animals has been banned in Europe for a while now. All products should be assumed 'not tested on animals' but do your research. We can't vouch for anyone else. A small number of our products contain Honey, so if you're concerned about this, drop us a line and we'll provide a list of honey containing ingredients. 

Free from questionable ingredients

You're aware that a lot of skincare and sun care contains ingredients found to be harmful to human health or the eco-system, right? Quite often we're asked 'but if it's not safe, it wouldn't be sold, would it?' Unfortunately, the cosmetic and beauty industry is not regulated. This means powerful companies get away with things they shouldn't. If you're curious, download the Yuka App and scan your skincare and food. Over 40 million people worldwide trust it. 

Transparency & Efficacy

Where Estime & Sens can, they source locally. But ingredients like Argan Oil don't grow locally. When an ingredient with an undeniable beneficial profile has been found, Estime & Sens work tirelessly with a regulatory expert to guarantee the best organic profile, safety, efficacy and sustainability. To learn more about the origins of their organic ingredients visit

Textures & Fragrances

Oh my! One of the most challenging tasks for Luxury Skincare Brands is to convince skin care professionals that they need to spare time for a brand they've never heard of. Most salons stock a brand everyone has heard of and have up to now relied upon that. But times have changed. Brands you have shown loyalty to for 10, 20, 30 years no longer have loyalty to you and that can be heartbreaking (never mind destructive to your business). Read our FLOW article to learn how we support beauty businesses, not desert them.

But I digress. Once you experience Estime & Sens, you don't forget about it. You dream about it, long to feel and smell it again on your skin. You long for that healthy skin glow and delicious fragrance that you've never experienced before.

Here are just a few comments we've gathered over the past few weeks...

Didn't expect to be so bowled over by the beautiful products and all the thought that has gone into creating them... thank you so very much. (Cannelle MediSpa, Oxfordshire)

I enjoyed the training and the products are gorgeous. It will be easy to sell and use them now :) Thank you! (cannelle MediSpa, Oxfordshire)

We've never known a response like it. In my twenty or so years clients have never reacted like this to their facials. All you need to do is feel and smell them and you're hooked. Personally, my skin has never been happier. (Soothe Luxury Skincare & Spa, Nottingham)

Support your local beauty business

Unlike other brands, Luxury Skincare Brands doesn't supply to online discount stores, high street stores or anyone else except selected beauty salons, skin clinics and spas. This means you can support the hard work your therapist devotes her life to with your skincare purchases. It might not be something you've thought about, but when your therapist dedicates care and time to advise you and you buy elsewhere, it hurts emotionally and financially.

Exceptional quality doesn't have to cost the earth, literally.

We hope that our summary of Estime & Sens has at least encouraged you to try this little known brand in the UK. We feel sure you'd love it and we actively encourage enquiries. Ask away! We do challenge you though to be more inquisitive about the ingredients you put on your skin and think about the impact it has on your health and the environment, including nature. Next time you're tempted to spend your hard-earned money on the latest SM craze, think, scan and plan! 

 Love and Health, 

Team LSB x