Is Estime & Sens Really An Unknown Brand?

Well, not really. Estime & Sens has made its mark in 24 countries across the globe including Switzerland and Korea, two of the worlds' leading high-quality skincare creators. 

Estime & Sens skincare and treatments are also used in some of the best hotels featured in SLH Small Luxury Hotels of the World, so it would seem the UK has been missing out on this organic gem, until now.

Luxury Skincare Brands is proud to be the UK distributor of Estime & Sens and sells only through selected stockists. 

What Makes E&S Special?

  1. Cosmebio Certification

The Cosmébio label is a technical and ethical mark of trust. It was created to help guide and inform consumers towards real organic cosmetics by the most committed brands. It's the ultimate reference for health and environmentally conscious consumers wanting to make the right choices for their wellbeing and our planet.

Brands must follow demanding ingredient specifications and a charter of ethical values. An inspection by an independent certifier is mandatory every year to check conformity. This can be time consuming and very expensive to achieve so only the most committed brands will follow through. Brands who achieve this status are entitled to display the Cosmébio label on their packaging.

Cosmebio Certification

  1. Ethically, Locally & Sustainably Sourced

All of our products are created in France with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. This means that our carbon footprint is very low, and all of our ingredients are traceable. We know exactly where they are from, the organic soils they've been grown in, who has picked the plants and where they've been processed. If we find an ingredient with an undeniable benefit but it isn't available locally like Argan oil, we work tirelessly with regulatory experts to guarantee the best organic profile, safety, efficacy, sustainability, and transparency.

 Estime & Sens Made In France

  1. Recycled, Recyclable & Refillable Packaging

Our packaging is made from recycled plastic, paper, and glass wherever possible, and our moisturiser jars are refillable.  Labels are intentionally minimalistic in design and printed with environmentally friendly inks. We don't claim to be perfect, but we're always striving to be better.

 Estime & Sens Refillable Pot

  1. Self-Esteem & Kindness

We believe that beauty goes far beyond appearance, that self-esteem and kindness are keys to true beauty. Self-esteem begins with the little gestures, the precious moments of self-care, rituals that encourage self-love every single day. Where better to start than with your healthy Estime & Sens organic skin care routine.

 Estime & Sens Facial Skincare

  1. Synergy & Efficacy

The efficacy of Estime & Sens lies in the quality of their synergistic formulations. Only the best quality plant ingredients are hand-picked known to contain proven active ingredients at levels that target your skin concerns. This means you can feel confident that you will see positive, tangible results with ageing skin, acne and redness or rosacea and greatly improve skin health. Furthermore, Estime & Sens are pioneers in the field of organic cosmeceutical skincare. 


  1. Luxurious, Sensorial Skincare

Every single product you buy from Estime & Sens will bring you joy. Luxurious textures and evocative aromas make E&S an absolute pleasure to use. You'll want to take care of your skin morning and night!

Estime & Sens Sensorial Skincare

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