Aletheīa is the latest product in the Qt Internal Cosmetics range, and we love it.

Aletheīa is possibly the world’s smartest collagen. Whilst it contains the highest-quality bioavailable marine collagen peptides (2000 Daltons) to enhance beauty and support anti-ageing and cellular regeneration of your skin, this genius product also contains a rich cocktail of other special New Zealand (NZ) sourced ingredients designed to support healthy cognitive function and the vibrancy of your brain.

A scientifically synergised and formulated product, Aletheīa doesn’t just rejuvenate beauty, it can help power up mitochondrial and cognitive function, allowing your intelligence to shine.

Ingredients such as premium NZ blackcurrant (Ben Ard) containing over 38 antioxidants and anthocyanins, premium NZ Blueberry (Mamuku), NZ Pine Bark and NZ Grape Seed, NAD+, and a blend of amino acids and nucleotides (NMN and L-Theanine) create a powerful synergy that provides multiple healthy ageing and brain boosting benefits.

We rate Aletheīa highly, because just striving for beauty is now outdated. Pairing beauty with intelligence is the new era. After all, why just look your best on the outside when you can also be the smartest person in the room?

Metropol 18 February 2021