The big beauty buzz word of the day is ‘collagen’. Yet, few consumers understand how to discern between the array of products on the market these days, and what distinguishes a premium ingestible collagen powder that provides optimal results. The answer is ‘nutritional science’.

Our vision and values were established for the provision of premium internal cosmetic products, ensuring their scientifically researched and formulated product range provides the highest quality ingredients and best results.

‘Collagen’ can be likened to the scaffolding that holds the skin up. Whilst the word ‘collagen’ is now widely used and, as an ingestible powder product, very sought after, some consumers shop for their products relatively unaware about distinctions between those powders. Many collagen products on the market comprise mostly of just collagen (often bovine) and vitamin C. Few consumers may understand the significance of other added ingredients that promote the quality of the collagen product’s results.

We did their research and do understand. We designed a range with scientific, environmental, qualitative, physical, and optimum results and wellbeing in mind. Therefore, we prefer to describe their collagen range and results as ‘nutritional science’ – not just your run-of-the-mill skin scaffolding.

Take the ingredient of Tremella, for example, sourced from the mushroom and able to hold up to 400 times its weight in moisture, synergistically added to produce enhanced volumizing and skin plumping; or take one serve of Qt’s Belle, Beau, Nude or Aletheia products, which have the equivalent vitamin C of 13 oranges. Watch your skin begin to glow.

In our 30-day study of candidates taking Bellē and Encoē, over 90% were extremely satisfied. Candidates saw visibly softer and smoother skin and increased hair and nail strength. 93% saw visibly reduced lines and wrinkles and 96% even saw blemish reduction.

For the enhancement of beauty from the inside, Qt’s professional-grade internal cosmetic products are unlike any other, and our collagen paired with nutritional science is leading the way.