QT Internal Cosmetics offers a natural and ingestible range of products that encourage us to think holistically about what beauty and cosmetics really mean.

QT Internal Cosmetics has been built from a wealth of family knowledge including 45 years of scientific research, manufacturing and distribution of leading supplement brands. QT’s drive to provide a better-quality solution has placed QT as a leading brand in the industry. The concept of QT was created from a desire to focus on beauty from the inside out, with the treatment of skin concerns such as acne, aging and dry skin rather than using cosmetics to mask a problem. Not only does QT aim to revolutionise real results in skin, hair, nails and body but most importantly they aim to revive the way that people feel about themselves.



All of QT’s products are made in New Zealand to the highest quality and with complete transparency of ingredients. Qt believes that everyone deserves to become the best and most confident version of themselves, proving that beauty really is skin deep. Qt’s ingredients are all 100% natural, ethically sourced, and GMO free. They are carefully engineered for the most effective absorption into the body. The flavours are carefully selected for your enjoyment and to support your gut and digestion.



Expect strong nails and luscious hair thanks to their unique keratin formulations and explore the world of Internal Cosmetics for him and her and give yourself the power to create your own beauty.